Installing Power Rear-Quarter Vent Window Motors
on my 2001 Chevy Venture

I have finally installed the Power Rear-Quarter Vent Window Motors to "upgrade" my van.  Why? Without them you have to stop the van and go around back in order to open (or close) the rear vent windows.

Challenge #1: Getting the Motors
The first thing to do was to get the "new" parts.  I thought this would be a simple matter of just ordering the parts from a dealer or finding them at a local salvage yard.  I could have ordered new motors, but found that they cost about $80 each from the dealer.  So off to the salvage yards I went.

After making visits to or phoning no less than 5 salvage yards, I had no luck in locating the power motors to make this project work.  I even searched the Internet and thought I found them, but after a phone call discovered that they did not really have them (their online database was out-of-date).

So after a few months of searching and watching listings on eBay, I sent a message to someone that had just listed an overhead console for auction and asked them if they had the motors.  YES - they had them and listed them on eBay the next day.  So by the end of the week, I had won the auctions (about $35 total with shipping) and had the motors a few days later.

Window Motors 1  Window Motors 3

Challenge #2: Getting the Connecting Hardware
According to the manual, my original window latches were supposed to have the same parts that attach to the window as the power windows.  But of course that was not the case.  The diagram from the manual can be found here, along with some pictures of the connectors on the motors. 

So after looking around at a Chevy dealer (who tried to sell me a new van), I was able to identify what the connecting hardware should look like.  The parts were ordered from my local dealer, along with some other parts, for a total of about $40.  Below is a list of the parts and their prices from the dealer.  Pictures of the parts are shown below the list.
 Dealer Part Number   Description   Unit Price   Total Price  Comments
10299852 BRG-R/WDO $10.19 $20.38 Bearing-Rear Window? See Pictures 1 & 2 
20586100 BUSH $1.61 $3.22 These were NOT needed
20664430 NUT $5.56 $11.12 See Picture 3 below
14062360 BOLT $1.13 $2.26 Came with blue stuff on them. See Picture 4 

Rear Window Connecting Hardware - Picture 1  Rear Window Connecting Hardware Close-up - Pciture 2
Pictures 1-2 - New Rear Window Connecting Hardware

New Window Nuts - Picture 3  New Screws - Picture 4
Pictures 3-4 -
New "Nuts" and Screws

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