Installing Power Rear-Quarter Vent Window Motors
on my 2001 Chevy Venture - Page 3

Challenge #3: Installation (continued)
... there were a few issues to be tackled.

The forth issue was getting the old hardware (latch & mount) off the windows without doing any damage, like breaking the windows. I was able to tap on the "bottom" of the pin that holds the two pieces together with a small screwdriver and hammer to get the pin out.  The final picture shows the window mount with the latch removed.
Suggestion: When I did this, the driver side pin was hard to get out and I ended up breaking part of the old window mount.  If I was to do it again I would probably put some kind of lubricate on the parts to make it easier to remove them.

Removing Connection Pin - Picture 11  Pin Almost Out - Picture 12  Old-Window-Mount - Picture 13
Pictures 11, 12 & 13 -
Removing the old connecting hardware

Next was to get the mount off the window.  If you look closely below, you will notice that I had to use a wrench to keep the mount from turning while I unscrewed the mount from the window nut.  The other picture shows the window hardware removed.

Removing Old Mount - Picture 14 Old Window Mount Removed - Picture 15
Pictures 14 & 15 - Removing the old window mount

The fifth issue was fixing an incorrectly installed mounting bolt. If you look closely at picture 16, you will see that the top bolt is not screwed in all the way. 

This is the way I found it when I took the cover off.  So I guess this happened at the factory, although the previous owner could have had some work done it this area. I tried to temporarily mount the motor and was not able to get the bolt all the way back in.  So the hole had to be tapped out.

Badly Installed Latch - Picture 16  Power Motor Mounted - Pciture 17
Pictures 16 & 17 - Incorrectly Installed Mounting Bold

Below are a couple of pictures taken while I tapped out the hole. 
For Your Information: The tap is a metric 1/4 inch 20NC (20 threads per inch). 

Starting Tap - Picture 18  Tap from Back - Picture 19
Pictures 18 & 19 -
Tapping out the bolt hole from the front & back

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