Quarter Window Motor - Chevy Venture

I am installing power Quarter Window Motors in an attempt to "upgrade" my van.  I have found it to be a real pain to have to stop the van and go around back in order to open the rear vent windows to let the stale air out.

Anyway, the diagram below shows the motor and the connecting piece (highlighted), at least according to the manual I have.  The motors I have seen on the web look pretty much the same EXCEPT that the connecting piece does NOT have holes for a pin to go through.  Instead, there is a plastic "ball" on one side, that I assume fits into another piece (which I have not seen).

My manually operated windows seem to have the same pieces as in the diagram below, or at least the parts that attach to the window. 

Quarter Window Motor - Highlighted Connector  

Here are a couple of pictures of the power window motor "ball"

Window Motor Ball   Window Motor Ball

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