Installing Power Rear-Quarter Vent Window Motors
on my 2001 Chevy Venture - Page 4

Challenge #3: Installation (continued) ... now for the easy part.

The next step was to install the new window hardware.  This is the piece that connects the motor to the window.
I guess the "hardest part" was getting the screw started.  I had to hold the nut with one hand on the outside of the van, while trying to start the screw with the other.
Suggestion: It would be good to have another person to help by holding the nut from the outside.
Once the screw was started, I had to hold the mount with one hand and turn the screwdriver with the other. The final mounting position was just a guess, but it worked out just fine.

New Window Nut - Picture 20  Installing New Window Hardware - Picture 21  New Window Mount Installed - Picture 22
Pictures 20, 21 & 22 -
Installing the NEW Window hardware

Next was to mount the motor.  Since I had already tapped out the mounting hole (see page 3), this was a simple matter of holding the motor to the body and bolting it in. 
To connect the window hardware to the motor, I connected to power wires and rotated the motor to the OPEN position. I lined up the "ball" to the "hole" of the window mount and hit it with my fist to seat it properly.  This was necessary because of the retaining spring in the window mount (see page 1).

Installing the motor - Picture 23 Mounted Motor OPEN - Picture 24
Pictures 23 & 24 -
Installing the motor

Below are a couple of pictures taken with the window in the half-open and fully closed positions.

Window Half Open - Picture 25  Window Closed - Picture 26
Pictures 25 & 26 - Window Half-Open & Fully Closed

I hope this information is helpful if you want to install this little "upgrade", or maybe help you to troubleshoot any problems you might have with your Power Rear Quarter Vent Windows. 

Just for fun, I have put a small video together that shows the Rear Quarter Vent Power Window in operation.  You can find it on the Videos Page.

Take Care,

Greg A.

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