Adjusting Power Window - 2001 Chevy Venture

Driver's Side Power Window - August 9, 2004

These pictures show the driver's side door panel open to lubricate & adjust the window. It was "rocking
forward" and would slow down when going up. The passenger side window does not have the same problem. 
I suspect driver's door gets more use over time and shows the problem "sooner" (passenger side may have
problems in the future).
June 2006 Update: My driver's side window started to drag & tilt again.  After reading some posts on the
forums, I decided to use a silicone based spray lubricant on the window guides (in the door frame).  I gave
them a good soaking and it seemed to do the job.  And it is much easier than taking the door panels off!

Upper-Right of door with trim panel removed

Remove the door trim panel.
There are two (2) bolts that have to be removed before the trim panel will
come off - one near the door handle, and one under the armrest switch panel.
Pry up the switch panel to get access to the second bolt.  Carefully pry off the
inside trim cover (behind the handle that opens the door).  Then use a trim
removal tool to loosen the retainers around the edge of the door.

Chevy Venture Door with Trim Panel Removed

The bolt on the right of the "plastic bag" had probably come loose over time and
allowed the guide rail (not visible) for the front of the window to slide forward.
This caused the window to "rock forward" about half-way up.  This "went away"
after the bolt was loosened and the guide rail was moved toward the back of
the door (left in pictures).  I then tightened it back down. 

Chevrolet Venture drivers door with cover removed.

This pictures shows the lower section of the driver's side door with the trim panel
and the rain guard removed.  If the rain guard is carefully removed, it can be
reinstalled without adding extra adhesive.  The plastic trim retainers may have
to be replaced.

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