Oil Change & Inspection on my 2001 Chevy Venture

Oil Change & Inspection - February 8, 2005

I have finally decided that I would go back to my "trusted mechanic" to have the maintenance work done on my Venture.
I have taken my other vehicles there for some time and have a very good relationship with them.

When I arrived I explained that this was my "new" vehicle (replaced my 1983 Chevy S10) and that it needed an oil & filter
change and that I wanted them to look it over for any safety problems that might exist and need to be fixed.

They found two issues: The rear brake cylinders were leaking and the right-front inner tie rod end was bad.

Here is what I REALLY LIKE about these guys:

When they found the problems they asked me to come into the shop and check them out! 
I could clearly see the leaking wheel cylinders and they showed me how the inner tie rod end was bad by having me move
the front right wheel around to "feel" the problem (and compare it to the other side).

While the work was being done & they were waiting for the parts to arrive, mentioned that I needed a recommendation
for where to get my air conditioner looked at (because they had not been able to work on AC a year ago). So they said
"We can do it.  We just got one of those machines at the end of last year."

Upon inspection, they found a leak at the low-side service port.  They said they had to wait for the part to come in
because it had to be ordered from the dealer and was NOT in stock (it is the valve for the service port). See Next AC Event

I had the work that could be done completed and was out of there in just a couple of hours. Total cost, including parts,
taxes, hazardous material disposal, and labor - $294.

Parts Description / Number




Oil Filter (PH47)




Engine Oil (10W30)




Wheel Cylinder (PHRDX37855)




Right Inner Tie Rod End (PHSPI405-1077)




Total Parts




Labor Description




Change Oil & Filter




Front Wheel Alignment




Brake Inspection (Lining Remaining: Front 50%, Rear 70%)




Safety Inspection / New Car Check out




Total Labor




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