Defroster Problems on my 2001 Chevy Venture

Defroster Not Working - October 15, 2004

I have noticed defroster was not working very well (first time used in cool weather).  When I put
my hand over the vent by the windshield, I found that no air was coming out.  I also noticed a
"hissing" sound when the defrost settings were selected OR the air conditioning was turned on. 

When I removed some paneling to see if the defrost controls were working, I found that one of
the control arms was not moving as much as it should.  I gave it a little help (push) and got some
air to come out of the defroster.

I have NOT fixed this yet, but discovered that the same condition occurs when the air controls
are moved to the dash vents only and then back to defrost.  I suspect that one or more of the
air control baffles is getting stuck.

Oh yeah, the air conditioner seems to have stopped working.  The compressor used to come on,
but now even that does not happen.

UPDATE (Feb. 2005):
I checked the function of defroster controls again and they seem to be working. 
The only thing I can say is that I found a small piece of foam at one of the air vents (the vent
that blows toward the passenger's knees).  This piece of foam was about 1 inch x 2 inch.  It may
have come loose somewhere inside of the system and was causing the air deflectors to stick.
Anyway, the defroster vent seems to be again.

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