Replacing Cabin Air Filters on my 2001 Chevy Venture

Cabin Air Filters - June 10, 2004

Picture 20

Step 1: Find the access door.
This is inside the glove compartment.

Picture 21

Step 2: Remove the access door.
It simply pulls straight out.

Picture 22

Step 3: Open the Filter Cover.
There is a lever on the left that has to be pushed and
the filter cover can then be opened. This picture shows
the cover open and the original filters inside. Pull the first
filter out then slide the other one (hidden) to the right to
remove it.

Picture 23

Step 4: Remove & Replace Cabin Air Filters.
This picture shows the cover open and the replacement
air filters inside. Fully insert the first filter and slide it to
the left, then install the second filter.  It should be a
tight fit.

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