Right Outer Tie Rod Replacement - 2001 Chevy Venture

Replacing Bad Right Outer Tie Rod - May 12, 2006
Mileage - 61739 Miles

I may not have mentioned it, but my son is in an "Automotive Technology" class at the local Regional Occupational Program
(www.mvrop.org).  To practice what they learn, they need to have folks bring in their cars to have some work done on them.
So today, I took the van down to see about having the tires balanced & rotated, along with an inspection.

Because of the wear on the front tires, the rotation did not happen. But during the inspection, they noticed that the right-front
wheel was not moving as smooth as it should.  This involves raising the vehicle and moving the wheel by hand to check that
everything moves easily.  Everything was fine on the left side, but when the right side wheel was turned, there was about a
quarter inch "jump" or "clunk" that could be felt.

On closer inspection, they could see that the "ball & socket" joint was moving around when the wheel was turned.  Not good!
Since the class time was almost over by then, we have made plans to have them replace the bad tie rod end on Monday
(May 15).  I have already acquired the part for the local parts store. I will try to get some pictures and update this page once
the work is done.
The Right Outer Tie Rod was replaced on May 15, 2006. Upon inspection, it looked like all the original
grease was missing from the socket, and there was a bit of rusty color inside. 

What is shown in the picture to the left is the original equipment tie rod.  You might notice
that there is no fitting for adding grease.  The NEW part does have a grease fitting and it is my
plan to check it and do the proper lubrication at regular service intervals.

Since this work was done as part of a "training" program, labor was free ($0), including the alignment.

Parts Description / Number




Right Outer Tie Rod End
(AC Delco # 45A0678 - GM # 88910510)




Total Parts




Labor Description




Tire Balance & Rotation








Replace Outer Tie Rod End - Right Front




Check & Adjust Front Wheel Alignment




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