Lower Console Tabs - 2001 Chevy Venture

There was a post in the automotive forums recently asking about the center console and how to get the plastic piece off so that the radio, heater, and A/C controls could be accessed.
I tried to explain how the lower part of the console has to be pulled out and the rear sections of the console can be disconnected in order to access two screws that are "hidden" in there.

But it is sometimes said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so the pictures below (worth 2000 words) show the tabs (or slots) that hold the back pieces to the front of the lower console. The pictures were take from the front side.  Not the best quality (had to use a flashlight), but they do show the location of the tabs.

Once the console is pulled out, I believe placing a flat screwdriver in each slot and turning GENTLY, the back pieces will come loose from the front.  The front piece can then be moved to one side so that the hidden screws can be accesses.

Console Tabs 1  Console Tabs 2

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