Oil Leak Report on my 2001 Chevy Venture

Fluid Leak Repair - September 8, 2004

Picture 34 - Cracked Air Filter Housing

Picture 43 - Air Filter Crack (Detail 1)

Picture 44 - Air Filter Housing Crack (Detail 2)

I am now glad that I purchased the Service Contract with this vehicle.  My original concern
was the "Intake Manifold Gasket" issue which I read about during my research before purchase,
but based on the cost to have this leak fixed, I now see that working in the engine area will
cost a bit of money (front wheel drive, not much space to work, labor costs, etc).
See Diagnosis & Repair Report

The pictures (above) are of the engine compartment after the leak was repaired Sept. 8, 2004. 
When I inspected the engine after the repair (while still at the dealer),  I noticed that the Air
Filter Housing had some damage that was not there before.  A cable harness was not clamped
down properly and the coolant recovery hose was not routed properly.  The hose and harness
were fixed right away, but the air filter housing had to be ordered and will take a few days to
arrive.  They will call me when it comes in.

Other "New" symptoms:
While driving home (about 1 mile) I noticed that the transmission was shifting "hard" instead of
"nice & smooth" as it did before.  I called the service guy and he said "It will do that. The
computer (battery) was disconnected and it will take a few days to 'learn' your driving pattern."
Later in the afternoon the "Service Engine Soon" light came on (steady).  I called and asked
about that and he said  "It could be any cable or connection that was not put back right during
the repair."  I asked if it could be related to the cracked filter housing and he said "Could be -
Bring it in tomorrow morning and we will check it out."  See Sept. 9 Repair Report 

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