Air Pump Replacement - Chevy Venture

There was a post in the automotive forums recently asking about replacing the "Air Pump" in the Chevy Venture. 
Here is some information I gathered on the subject.

First of all, the "Air Pump" is actually called the "Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump".  Here are the instructions to replace it.

To Remove AIR pump:AIR Pump - Chevy Venture
1 - Turn OFF the ignition (just in case you forget).
2 - Raise the vehicle & remove the left-front wheel (for easy access).
3 - Remove the left front fender liner. You have to do this to get to the pump.
4 - Loosen the pinch clamp on the secondary air injection (AIR) exhaust pipe hose.
5 - Disconnect the AIR exhaust hose from the AIR pump.
6 - Disconnect the AIR pump electrical connector.
7 - Remove the AIR pump from the bracket.

Installation is the reverse of the removal process.

The secondary air injection (AIR) system helps reduce exhaust emissions. The purpose of the AIR Pump is to force fresh filtered air into the exhaust stream.  This is to accelerate catalyst operation. 

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