Making Cables for my BCM Upgrade

When I upgraded the Body Control Module (BCM) in my Chevy Venture Minivan, I discovered that this "option" would need some cabling (wires) added between the BCM and the DRL (Daylight Running Light) module, Horn, and Security LED.  I don't have the security LED installed, so I decided not to install that wire (yet).

Note: This wiring applies to 2001 model (and possibly above) GM Minivans.  Year 2000 (and maybe below) use a theft deterrent relay to flash the parking lights (see schematic at bottom).  I believe the horn circuits are the same, but have not verified this.

Here are the details of the where the wires come from and go to. 
Wire # 1 (to flash lights with remote lock)
For the signal that makes the lights flash, I added a new pin in DRL Connector 1 (blue) Pin D, and used a long wire to connect it to Pin D11 of Connector 2 of the BCM (also blue).  The connectors and schematic section for this is shown below.

BDM-to-DRL Schematic Section   DRL Connector 1  <-- DRL Connector 1 BCM Connector 2<-- BCM Connector 2

Wire # 2 (to beep horn with remote lock)
For the signal that beeps the horn, I spliced into the black wire of inline Connector 201 Pin A11 (found at the bottom of the steering column) and used another long wire to connect it to Pin D10 of Connector 2 of the BCM.  Schematic section & connector below.

Horn Schematic Section  Connector C201 A-Pins   Inline Connector 201 Horn Splice

DRL Module
DRL Connectors & Location

BCM Module
New BCM Wires

Theft Deterrent Relay on 2000 Models
2000 Theft Deterrent Relay
These lines (circuit 9) supply 12 volts to the Parking Lights

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